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Name Description Type Votes
Image Editing I would like to upload an image, and modify it using simple text prompts such as "remove the background", "upscale it", or "add glasses". New AI 56
Linkedin Post Improvement An AI that takes as an input a draft of linkedin post, and makes it 10x better. New AI 45
YoutubeQA Provide a Youtube video URL --> get the transcript, a summary, and be able to ask questions about it. New AI 45
Meme Generator I would like to generate a funny meme based on a general description New AI 65
Data analyst AI Some form of Data Analysis feature (similar to Code Interpreter in ChatGPT+), where users can upload an Excel or CSV file, and ask data analysis questions about it. The AI will write and execute code behind the scene based on the user's questions, and return the results New AI 50
Background generator I want to change only the background of the main subject, " I want this person in an enchanted forest " ... or " sitting in a coach " New AI 45
Artistic QR Code Generator An AI that generates an artistic QR code given the content of the QR code, and a global description of the artistic theme. New AI 59
ывфывфыв ячсяс New AI 21
PDF parser I want a pdf parser! New AI 17